Looking at Flowers

kim jong un looking at flowers


Kim Jong Un looking at flowers.

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  1. Dear Kim Jong Un I am so glad your and a great interest in What the Harvest of the earth Produce’s Flowers and Vegetable’s our an Key to our Survival, And you look today remarkable fit and Health to Please see that you excise Daily and drink plenty of Fruit Juices. And only take alcohol Whisky or Brandy in you get contaminated by a most dreadful cold.
    But as promised, here is a one recipe for You :- From the oceans of the Seas.
    5oog of baby new potatoes or halved if a little large.
    Small knob of Butter.
    2 Tables spoons of Dill.
    2 x 230 packs of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets.
    or a nice fillet of Fresh Salmon if can be# obtained.?
    100g of Fresh Watercress? if you have any stream’s or fresh water rivers this can be cultivated and it is very rich in Iron , which is very Beneficial to your Health.
    100ml of Half fat Crème Fraiche ,its a sort of low-fat yogurt .
    3 Tablespoons of Light honey mustard Dressing.
    And have Salt & Pepper on the Table for your Seasoning, to taste.
    and by Special Permission, one Glass only…?with each meal…? of a very Delicate Italian Forte Alto Pinot Grigio “Chilled” Wine goes down well.

    God Bless you All NORTH KOREA ,Please Help SYRIA if you can, and Beware of the Yankee Rattlesnake, but contact has to be made, to access what they have in mind…?. As the Viper has not finished stinging Humanity Yet…

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