Water Slide

kim jong un looking at water slidesKim Jong Un looking at a water park


One Comment on "Water Slide"

  1. Hi there Mr President Kim Jong Un, Its wonderful what the Power of Water will Do , I’ve heard they even can convert it and make Engines Work….?, will this replace Oil from Eastern Country’s like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. If this is Possibly in future Technology, any oil we do need we can buy from IRAN. So pleased to hear that America Political System is in Turmoil, just like we our in the UK, Don’t every Join the EU they Turn Your Country upside down, and Rob your Bank accounts To, not good News for You. I loved my visit to ” Ealing Embassy “, and met your Most Polite and helpful North Korean Official’s, The warm welcome I received, was of friendship Ill never Forget.
    May the Good Lord and Your Peoples, never give way, to the Invader.

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