Photo Caption Contest!

So unlike Kim Jong Il there are not hundreds of photos of Kim Jong Un online everywhere. Since I am not in North Korea to take pictures of the new leader, I am going to run a contest for the top 3 photos that are submitted with captions to the site.

I will pick two of them and the last one will be decided by facebook the most number of likes. The winner will of course receive credit and an amazon gift card or paypal cash for $15 each. This contest will be over at the end of this week sunday night at 12 pm eastern time. Please use the contact form on this site to be in touch with me or via twitter or facebook.

I am not totally against photoshop, but if you do use it please make a note of it.

Regardless if your photos or caption are in the top 3 there is a good chance they will be used on the site with credit of course.


If you have any questions let me know!


Thanks and happy looking 🙂

6 Comments on "Photo Caption Contest!"

  1. diane says:

    He is a Daejang in the Korean People’s Army, a military rank equivalent to that of a General.

    – Kim is said to have studied computer science privately in North Korea, obtaining two degrees – one in physics at Kim Il Sung University and another at the Kim Il Sung Military Academy.

    -Reports have also suggested that he is a diabetic and suffers from hypertension.

  2. dont_eat_me says:

    #1 Who is Kim Jong Il?
    #2 Oh, he is the only fat north korean.
    #1 Good.
    #2 Why is that good?
    #1 Because when the end comes they will eat the fat one first.

  3. Kai says:

    looking at mussels. funky fresh see food!

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